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Here you find us!

Brennerei Durzbauer

Schneebergweg 1
5630 Bad Hofgastein

Phone +43 664 73 44 17 24
Mobile +43 664 73 44 17 25


Opening hours

Mo, Mi, Fr 10 - 18 Uhr

In der Wintersaison von Weihnachten bis Ostern haben wir für Sie bis 20 Uhr geöffnet!


Achtung, bei der Anfahrt mit dem Navi folgende Adresse verwenden: Angerweg 39,
5630 Bad Hofgastein


Distillery Durzbauer in Bad Hofgastein in Salzburg

At our place you can experience noble distillation culture in traditional atmosphere!

At our farm “Durzbauer” in Salzburg, distilling schnapps has a huge tradition. The knowledge about distilling as well as the procedure itself was passed on from generation to generation. As a consequence to various workshops and sensor-trainings we were able to improve the quality of our products in the last few years, so that our spirits and liquors have been awarded with numerous awards and prizes. #


Distillery Durzbauer family Wallner’s farm

Since 1850 schnapps has been distilled on our farm – that is evidenced by documents. In 1993 family Wallner took over the farm and runs the distillery ever since, but instead of a huge commercial company, more in a smaller extent - therefore daily opening hours are not possible. However, more important than quantity is quality! As a trained Edelbrandsommelière Veronika knows how her products should taste and distiller Hans produces magnificent.


Highest quality for fine spirits from Salzburg

Für unsere Erzeugnisse wird nur bestes, handverlesenes, sauberes und richtig reifes Obst verwendet. Das Obst stammt teilweise aus eigenem Anbau und wird zum Teil aus der Steiermark und der Wachau zugekauft. Wie ein guter Edelbrand entsteht? Mit viel Liebe zum Produkt und sauberem Handwerk. Unsere Produkte werden in schöne Flaschen abgefüllt und finden großen Anklang bei allen Liebhabern von echtem Handwerk. Machen Sie sich selbst eine Freude mit einem Souvenir aus der Region oder finden Sie bei uns das passende Präsent für viele Anlässe.

For our products we only use best, hand-picked, clean and ripe fruit. Partly the fruit comes from own cultivation on our farm and additionally we buy fruit from Styria or Wachau. How does a good spirit emerge? - With lots of love and pure craft. Our products are filled in beautiful bottles and find favour with all lovers of traditional craft. Give yourself a great pleasure with a high-proof souvenir or find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Tasting in the distillery Durzbauer

Under the slogan “from fruit to distillate” we explain all interesting details about the procedure of distilling. Of course you can taste our products under the expert’s guidance. You might be surprised, how sophisticated you will sense the nuances and differences in our spirits and liquors.


We also have apartements for rent

Here you find our apartements