Award-winning spirits and liquors from Salzburg

Quality means a lot to us. That is why we did not only improve our distillery but also worked on our advanced training. Hans passed a few classes to improve his knowledge and Veronika trained as Edelbrandsommelière. In the last few years, the quality of the products has been upgraded steadily so that our customers have access to a wide range on brilliant products nowadays.

Medaille Schnaps

Our awards and prizes

Some years ago we started submitting our spirits and liquors to award ceremonies. Right from the start, we were able to win some medals with our products. We are very proud of the fact that the high quality of our spirits has been accredited.


In spring of 2018 we participated in the competition “Goldenes Stamperl” and we were successful in winning the national award with our elderberry spirit. We won numerous medals in Gold and Silver as well and were able to enlarge our collection.


We proudly present our numerous medals in bronze, silver and gold as well as the “Salzburger Landesgütesiegel” oder den “Salzburger Landessieger” which we gained because of our extraordinaire quality.

Auszeichnungen Brennerei Salzburg

Our recipe for success

It is really important that you work carefully during the mashing of fruits, that the fermentation process runs smoothly and that you collect the so-called “Mittellauf”, also called centrepiece which is the “good” alcohol during the distillation process. Hereunder you get a prize-winning spirit.


If you want to know more, come over and we explain you all important details.