Versatile spirit and liquor product range in Salzburg

In our kettle may only go best and handpicked fruit, which is completely ripe and clean. Then we add much accuracy, lots of experience and love. Not until all these components are united, a good spirit does arise which satisfies our claims. 


Our product range – from fruit brandy to liquor

We have a wide product range from more than 25 different sorts. We attach great importance to the quality of fruits, roots or herbs. Only thus we are able to present brilliant spirits and liquors once more.


Visit distillery Durzbauer

We look forward to your visit and proudly present our high-end products within a tasting.


Pipfruit brandies

apple, fruit, Williams pear, grape

Stonefruit brandies

apricot, plum, sour cherry

Berry brandies

rowan berry, raspberry, elderberry

Strong Spirit

Cigar brandy (apple brandy, oak barrel stored)


wildberries, sour-cherry, elderflower, baked-apple (only during the winter), peach, apricot, chocolate-cream-chili, blueberries, cranberries

Speciality brandies

masterwort, gentian, junipers-gin, Alpine meadow hay, herbs, hazelnut, bock beer (type of strong beer), arolla pine schnapps